Haas Associates Executive Team

What clients say about Haas Associates:

"In my meetings with Margaret, I have been totally impressed by the depth of her knowledge of the market as well as the searches she has successfully completed. She is terrific at identifying the overall and specific cultural differences, down to the personality of a department or institution, and has a network developed over years in the business… I think Margaret is an outstanding resource."

Barbara D. Knox
Vice President, Global Capital Structuring, Citibank, New York

"I wanted to…express our satisfaction in your recent recruitment assignment. Our company, Turbolinux, Inc. headquartered in San Francisco, was in urgent need of a Vice President of Business Development. This new position was a key addition to the executive management team and was a critical role for the success of our new software business.

I was very impressed with the quality of the highly targeted candidates that you brought forward. In this current economic climate, [May 2002], I realize that there are many candidates that must be screened prior to being submitted to your clients and I think this is a valuable service that you perform. Also, I know that many of the best candidates came from your own personal list of contacts in the high tech industry. As you know, we were very pleased with your previous assignment for us in the recruitment of executives in Asia and were equally satisfied with your abilities to obtain high quality candidates for executives in the U.S."

Dino Brusco
Vice President, Marketing, Turbolinux Inc., San Francisco

"I'm forwarding this message from Margaret Haas. One of these days when we get together I'll tell you about how Margaret helped me with one of my top 3 most challenging searches"

Jane G. Kennedy
Executive Selection, Corporate Headquarters, United Technologies, Hartford

"The Haas Associates is an outstanding executive recruiting organization with excellent connections in the US and Asia. Margaret Haas has good communication and cultural skills that allows her to reach a large number of potential candidates. I can say that because she has provided me with good candidates for positions I had while I was operations manager for Lexmark business development in North Asia. One of the key attributes Margaret and The Haas Associates offers is the screening of potential candidates in order to provide the best fit for the requirement.

I have used The Haas Associates for almost ten years and during that time Margaret has always found the right candidate for the position and was very helpful with staffing Lexmark Japan as well as assisted with other assignments I have been associated with during this time. When I need qualified candidates (managers/executives) I always turn to The Haas Associates."

L. Dennis Hester
Former Vice President, Lexmark; President, Asia Assist, Inc.

"I don't know what you are doing on Japan these days but here is a resource that could be of immeasurable help. Margaret Haas is president of Haas & [sic.] Associates. She is a headhunter and organizational design consultant who deals exclusively with U.S.-Japan situations. I have known her for 10 years. She speaks fluent Japanese and is extremely well connected in Japan. She has placed dozens of CEOs into major U.S. companies in Japan and has helped many such companies start up their Japan operations by finding the right person to head the local operation. She has unquestioned integrity and my highest possible respect."

Robert Freeman
Director, Global Accounts, Cadence, San Jose

"Margaret Haas is an understanding, perceptive advisor, who is driven by a simple desire to help people. She gave me the biggest boost of anyone to proceed with my plans to become an entrepreneur."

Nicholas E. Benes
President & Founder, JTP [Japan Transaction Partners] Corporation, Tokyo

"Margaret has decades of experience recruiting for Japanese/US companies in both countries. Margaret is a good asset for recruiting staff that function well in Japanese owned companies in the US, as well as for US companies in Japan."

James Kennelly
Senior Direct of Global Project Management, Daiichi Medical Research

"Haas Associates is a recruiting firm we are using here in Japan to build up IBSG. They have been very helpful and we consider them a key strategic partner in building out Japan's success for Cisco. They have been invaluable."

Gerald Hayden
Managing Director, (IBSG) Internet Business Solutions Group, Cisco Japan

"I would like to recommend two excellent recruiting firms that our clients and our firm have utilized in Japan and Asia….As for Margaret Haas, the firm is much smaller but highly focused. As well, Margaret’s Japanese ability is excellent and I have often found senior level Japanese executives very impressed with her."

Will Stewart, President
Asia Pacific Ventures, Palo Alto

"I have known Margaret for several years. Margaret has done a good job finding executive talent for firms such as Lexmark, and might be able to help with the search for a Country Manager...in Japan. She is also honest and pleasant, traits I wish I found in every executive recruiter I deal with."

"I know many of the folks [Japan executive recruiters at a NYC conference] in the lineup, but you are the only one who would find a CEO for a company like a Verisign or Lexmark that is reputable and high-tech but is not going to pay Morgan Stanley prices for their CEO. Hope … the word [gets] out in Silicon Alley. In general, New York City digital firms have done a lousy job of staffing their Japan operations. They should have hired you!"

John Stern
President, Red Tag Japan, Tokyo

"Lexar Media was searching for our first key executive, a General Manager for Japan. Margaret Haas found the right individual for us. Now three years later this Japanese executive has become President of Lexar's Japanese subsidiary. Through her extensive Japanese networks and her patient and persistent attention to our particular concerns in Japan which then included ten employees, we obviously found an exceptional cross-cultural Japanese individual for the job. I highly recommend Margaret and The Haas Associates for their work in the top levels of the U.S.-Japan high tech interface."

Paul McGuire
former Vice President of OEM and International Sales, Lexar Media

"Thank you for…our latest project, the hiring of Koichi Yano, as President for Turbolinux Japan, KK. I want to express my deepest appreciation for your hard work and thoroughness in finding and screening Yano-san's credential. Not only you have given me valuable data about his background, you also gathered a lot of data about our position in the market. That's a great service! It was also so clear that you really have Turbolinux's interest at heart when you asked me to delay making the offer to Yano-san so that you can do a little more due diligence to your satisfaction. That is so refreshing! Yano-san has worked out great, just as I had hoped. Many thanks again for your help in recruiting him."

Ly-Huong Pham
CEO & President, Turbolinux Inc., Brisbane, CA

"Nearly 15 years ago we met when you gave a seminar at Harvard, and shortly afterwards you placed me in my first job out of school, with S.G. Warburg Securities in Tokyo. Since then, I have had a successful career in the investment banking industry, due in no small measure to having started at the right place at the right time, with your help."

James B. Crystal
Senior Managing Director, Investment Banking, Bear Stearns, New York

"I truly appreciate your thinking about me. Nowadays recruiters are not what they used to be. They have forgotten what qualities are required to become one's partner in career development. You DO remember!"

Ryutaro Kusumoto
placed at Whistle Japan (now part of IBM Japan) as General Manager, Tokyo