Haas Associates Executive Team

Margaret Haas Picture of Margaret Haas

President, founded The Haas Associates, Inc. in 1985 after seven years on Wall Street as a banker and a broker in the U.S.-Japan interface. She is also a Gestalt-trained & licensed psychotherapist, mediator and a graduate of famed internet pioneer and entrepreneur Fernando Flores' three-year ODC Coaching Program. She teaches graduate level courses in coaching and business at New York University. She has a BA from Stanford University and an MA from Harvard University in East Asian Studies. She is fluent in the Japanese language.

Leslie Austin, Ph.D. Picture of Leslie Austin

Has been an executive coach and interpersonal and team dynamics consultant working with American executives and cross-culturally since 1989. She is also a certified Gestalt psychotherapist and mediator, and earned a Ph.D. in Performance Studies from New York University.

Mahamudra, CBO (Chief Barking Officer) and Official Greeter image of Mahamudra

Has been Margaret's muse and familiar since 1997. He is a Samoyed-Golden Retriever referred to by his vet as the Asian Golden Retriever. Mahamudra apologizes in advance for any phone calls he interrupts with his barking.